• Disciple Making

    Some of Jesus final instructions to the church are some of the most important: "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age" We aim to take that call seriously as a church. Read More
  • Last Sunday's Sermon

    We like comfortable things like nice homes, leather seats and nice food, yet I suspect that we’re longing for a more life changing and lasting comfort. What is it that Jesus offers? Read More
  • Vision 2017

    God is leading us in 2017 to continue to prioritise disciple making, simplify our lives, and to impact the Nations with the Good News of Jesus. Read More
  • How to join Protea Valley Church

    Community is a crucial part of following Jesus. He called twelve men to share life with him and learn from him and he calls us to do the same. Belonging to Protea Valley Church starts by joining one of our LifeGroups. This is where the rubber of the Gospel hits the road and we truly learn what it means to love each other, serve each other and to bless the world together as God's family. Read More
  • Sunday Worship

    Worship is more than music and it is more than a Sunday Gathering its a way of life. Our week starts with corporate worship on Sunday when God's people gather to pray, sing, learn and remind themselves of the Gospel story. Come join us at 8:00am and 10:00am with KidsChurch. Read More
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At the center we're aiming to be a church of people who really follow Jesus in the way we act, think and live.


Jesus calls us into a new kind community where we can acknowledge our brokenness and find belonging.


Worship is more than music and it is more than a Sunday Gathering, worship is living all out for Jesus where ever we may be.


Jesus sends us into the world to bring bring hope and healing and to call the lost to come home to Him.


The Elders retreated towards the end of 2015 and spent a weekend praying and discerning God's will for Protea Valley Church in 2016 and it seemed good to us and the Holy Spirit that we'd focus our attention into 3 key areas:

Building a disciple-making movement

We've been pushing towards developing a disciple making ethos at Protea Valley for more than a year now as we've been allowing God to develop our leaders thinking and practice in this area. We've realized that if we fail to make disciples we fail at everything as it is Jesus final instruction in Matthew 28. Our measurement of success will be creating second and third generations of disciples, that is disciples who then make others disciples. This is not a once of agenda but a multiplying movement and we've going to keep leading firmly in this direction. Part of fulfilling this vision will be our taking a team to Jordan in the Middle East again in March-April because we believe that making disciples in not just a local vision but a "to the ends of the earth" vision

Some key questions to ask of those who God gives us to nurture in their faith:

How is your relationship with Jesus?

What is God saying to you out of the scriptures?

How can I hold you accountable to what God is telling you to do?

Who are you sharing your faith with at the moment?


Unleashing a community into our neighborhood

During the last season we've seen a growing number of the immigrant community living in Protea Valley and working as domestic workers or gardeners joining PVC to worship Jesus with us. We've been discerning God leading us to develop ministry with these brothers and sisters. The aim is not so much to minister to them but to unleash them into the hoes we might never get into for the sake of the Kingdom we're calling it Grace in Action. This is an exciting development and it seems clear to the elders that God is longing for us to grow this ministry and so it will be on the forefront of our agenda during this 2016.


Planting a church

God has lit a fire again in us to plant a church out of PVC by the end of 2016. We're prayerfully waiting for more clarity on where this will happen but with with the explosive growth on the northern end of Durbanville there is a great need for vibrant, Jesus focused, Gospel centered communities. Over this year we'll be developing a core team who will actually plant the church and around them we'll need a team to encourage and support them - a launch team if you like. we're going to learn a lot in this process and we're no doubt going to make some mistakes too. But we're convinced that to take Jesus instruction to make disciples of the nations we have to do this. 

In addition to a local church plant, we'll be working with our church planter Gibson in Malawi and continue to financially support and prayerful encourage his work for Jesus there.